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Keep Your Membrane Roof Clean

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If you live in an apartment building, work in a high rise commercial property, or have visited a inner-city hotel recently, then you have likely sat beneath a flat roof. A rubber membrane can be thanked for the fact that you didn’t get wet. Rubber has long been used in the covering of flat rooftops as it can keep water out, even though it is thin and lightweight. However, that is not to say that these membranes can be out of sight and out of mind forever. To avoid roof leak repair in Houston, Texas, someone will want to maintain the surface, either you or the experts found at this website. Fortunately, maintenance of rubber membrane roofs isn’t a horrible inconvenience. It requires an occasional inspection and an even less frequent cleaning.

Inspection There are several things that you should look for during your inspection of your flat roof. Among the most obvious are cracks, splits, or holes in the rubber. These are areas that provide easy entrance for rain water or other moisture. When that dampness seeps below, it can cause serious and irreversible damage to the structure beneath. For that reasons, all holes and cracks should be treated quickly and correctly. In addition to that, however, one should look for bubbling and algae or mold growth. Bubbling can mean that water has worked its way beneath the surface. Bubbles can often be repaired by the experts, without the need for replacing the whole roof. Algae and mold can be washed away to leave the surface clean and pristine.

A High Pressure Shower Flat rooftops should be cleaned every so often. Some choose to do this once or twice per year. Others will do so more or less frequently, depending on the purposes served by the roof. Gas-powered pressure washers with clean water are often all that is required for this process. With an angled tip held just a few inches from the surface, anyone can make a pass over the surface, leaving it much tidier in the end. Pressure washers are available at any home improvement store and generally start in the one hundred to two-hundred dollar range. It is a wise investment for those owning a flat-topped building.

When Water isn’t Enough Even if the surface isn’t in need of roof repair, you might want to call in the Pasadena, Texas, experts if the pressure water doesn’t leave it looking clean and debris-free. Sometimes, there is a need for a chemical cleaning, which involves the use of a diluted sodium hydroxide solution. Known as lye, this chemical is highly toxic if swallowed and can cause severe burns to the eyes, skin, or lungs if one is exposed to it. Professional roofers are well suited to contend with the high-powered cleaner, and it is never recommended that property owners take on this process on their own. Symptoms of sodium hydroxide poisoning include horrible burns, restricted breathing, vomiting, abdominal pain, low blood pressure, and blood in the stool. It doesn’t take lye long to kill a person.

If your rubber membrane roof needs a cleaning that can’t be accomplished with a pressure washer, please call the professionals and avoid a tragic accident.

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