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Scary Roofing Stories, Just in Time for Halloween

October is almost here and with it comes the promise of scary costumes, flickering Jack o’ Lanterns, and mounds of delicious candy. With the holiday of the freaky and the frightful so close, it is the perfect time to tell the torturous tales of the roofing industry. Don’t be fooled. This might be a playful beginning, but these stories are anything but humorous.

No, Not Autumn When talking about on the job fall, one is certainly not referring to the season. It should come as no surprise to anyone that a person working on the rooftop would be susceptible to falls. However, what might shock some is that these falls are not always over the edge. While doing roof repair or laying new roof material, it is easy lose track of where one is standing. One wrong step could spell serious trouble. A roofer in Overland, Missouri learned this lesson the hard way, according to the OSHA report. He fell to his death when a wrong step took him straight through a skylight. Skylights are beautiful and can provide very dramatic lighting in a room, but they do present a serious danger to roofers. This is exactly when men and women in the industry must be ever-aware of what is around them. It’s also important to understand that standing on a slope is not like walking on the ground. It is easy to lose one’s footing and fall over the edge. Another worksite (this time in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) saw a death just a month early when a worker took a misstep onto his extension ladder and fell to the earth below and a Floridian fell more than sixty feet from a commercial rooftop this past June.

Quite a Shock! Nearly every mother is quick to take precautions when welcoming a new baby into the home. Toddlers with wandering hands can be seriously injured or even killed when they find an uncovered electrical outlet. Roof repair in Fort Worth places many roofers near much larger currents of electricity. A poor decision in the face of the large wires and boxes can end a life, just like the one lost in Augusta, GA and the one in Jefferson, GA. The first involved an electrical repair gone wrong when a life wire was touched. The second saw a contractor fall onto an active switch. Both lives were ended prematurely

Watch Out Below! Communication plays a big part on any jobsite. A horrific story can be told when this communication fails. A New Jersey roofer was lost recently when debris falling from the roof hit him on the head, as he walked beside the building. The simple slip of hand cost the man many years. A new roof involves the use of very heavy materials, which can easily cause others the same fate should they slide down the slanted roof.

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