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Going Green, Going with a Ford?

Going Green, Going with a Ford?

Everybody’s going green these days, especially in tough economic times when prices on everything from food to gas continue to soar but incomes don’t. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to choose an environmentally friendly vehicle. For Ford lovers, choosing the most eco-friendly car is becoming easier as the mainstay car company evolves, creating more fuel-efficient vehicles that create fewer carbon emissions, yet retains the stylish look for which Fords are known. When you’re looking for “green” cars in Austin, Ford dealers have a large selection of vehicles. Here’s a sampling:


Looking for a 2011 Mustang GT in Texas is an easy enough venture. Everyone’s just got to have the new updated version of this classic muscle car. It now has a 5.0-liter, 32 valve V-8 engine that is made of aluminum. This improved car runs on 412 horsepower and torque that’s 390 pound-feet. This 6-speeder is pretty fuel efficient for a muscle car, getting 26 mph on the highway and its automatic counterpart gets 25 mpg.


One of the newest eco-friendly vehicles to join the Ford family is the Ford Flex. This is one of the crossover vehicles that the car maker is hoping will help keep the manufacturer on top in the years to come. It has become one of the company’s “green” cars even though it’s a larger vehicle. You can get 17 mpg for city driving and up to 24 mpg on the highway, making this crossover a great alternative to those gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles that were so popular a few years ago.

There’s plenty more to like with the Flex model. It features a refueling system that is capless, which is meant to reduce the amount of emissions from vapors when you fuel up. The engineers who designed this vehicle had safety in mind. With lots of safety features and the space you need for a family of five plus everything you need when you’re on the go, the Flex is an incredibly popular vehicle.

Pickup Truck

When it comes to pickup trucks, nobody has manufactured anything better than the F-150 STX. This is the newest, more fuel-efficient version of the truck that’s been around for a couple decades. Undeniably, it’s the most popular vehicle in the United States. Other than its reliability, one of the reasons for its sustained popularity is the number of options from which to choose. There are literally dozens of ways to customize this pickup truck so that it meets your needs. It also comes with top notch features that improves your performance and increases your power. You get all this plus an attractive appearance. And it’s quieter than ever because the engineers designed this vehicle to reduce noise, which includes wind noise.

So from what you can see, Ford makes “Going Green” a stylish, affordable option. You don’t have to rely on foreign-made cars to get the gas mileage you want, not to mention a host of options that can help you tailor the vehicle of your choice to fit your needs.

About the Author: Don Robinson has worked in the new car market industry and is the author of several puplications on informing new car buyers